Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I met the band!

This is not a play on words or double entendre. I surprised Mr. W with tickets to one of his favorite bands- Queensryche. The show was actually REALLY good. It was nice to see that the group wasn't stuck in a time warp, but was alternatively contemperary. After the show, we went to our favorite casino to gamble, and had a fabulous evening. We even kissed right in the middle of a skylight walkway between casinos. There wasn't anyone around, just the night and bright lights everywhere. Very romantic! I felt beautiful, healthy, alive, and so grateful for the moment.

After we were finished in the casino, and being the gentleman that he is, Mr. W went to bring the car to the front door to pick me up. I was alone standing in the vestibule between the front doors when a white van pulled up. And, out steps my husband's favorite band, all of them including the drummer (for whom he has warned me he would go gay). The lead singer was first, and he was almost completely past me when I got up the nerve to say hello and tell him I enjoyed the show. There was no way I could tell my husband that Queensryche walked past me, and I didn't say a word. The three guitarists were next, and I wasn't nervous at all talking with them. I was flipping out because I knew the drummer was on his way through the door, and I was desperately trying to think of something to say to him. The only two things I could think of were A) a version of the "good show tonight" I had given everyone else in the band or B) My husband wants to be your bitch. The rest of the band was in the lobby when the drummer came through the door. He looks at me, and before I have a chance to say a word, he says to ME... "well, HELLO there...". OMG he talked to me FIRST! He didn't even know I had spoken to the rest of the band, or that I'd been to his concert. I think he actually thought I was attractive! Remember, I was the only person waiting between the doors, so I had zero competition. I kept my composure and said hello back, and luckily for everyone involved, I decided to go with option "A" of "great show tonight".

So, as the van drives away, up drives Mr. W to get me, and I'm RUNNING (with high heels on!)out of the doors waiving and screaming. Since the band was completely through the doors, I didn't have to put on my "Yeah, I meet entire rock bands all the time" act. My husband thought I had hit a jackpot in the five minutes he had been gone... but it was even better and stranger than that! Oh! He felt so cheated on! His wife had met his favorite band while he was being a nice guy. And, his man crush had thought his wife was hot(ish)! He felt so cheated on! But, happy in a once removed kind of way. Or famous by association. After I told him the story fifty times in a row, we decided that the chances of this happening were about a squillion to one. The universe is weird. And, my new favorite saying is "well, HELLO there"... A simple reminder that... I met the band!

Now, back to the "other" band. For the first time ever since I've had Babette, I intentionally wanted to bypass her. We were in buffet city, and I wanted to do it right! Babette was being a biddy, and she would not let up not even with sliders. There was no pigging out for me AT ALL. And, I didn't push her because I didn't want to PB on our romantic get away. So, I begrudgingly did very well with food over the weekend.

Um, please see above!

Thirty five grams of protein planned for the daytime. I'm sticking to 700 calories during the day. Oh, and I'm going off of diet pepsi. Yes, that's big news in and of itself. But, I'll save that for another time. Happy short week!


  1. Well, HELLO there!! OMG - How awesome!! I'm glad you went with Option A. Ha ha!!! Great story. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and such a romantic kiss. Life is Good!

  2. hhahah! That is a hilarious post and I love that Mr. W is secure in his manhood! Thanks for sharing your story!