Monday, February 1, 2010

The party is over

Monday, and back to work. It's like the day after Christmas feeling. Good memories, though! I got lots of Bath and Body Works... so, I may just open up a store because I think I have enough product to do so. B&BW's always makes me happy, so I'm not complaining. I also got alot of handmade stationary, etc. Very cute. Some people have alot of talent. I also got some accessories, jewelry and a cute scarf.

Party food was very good. Hubbie had it catered by Famous Daves, so lot's of protein choices. My band is really on the job, so I could barely get much meat down. Sadly, cake and M&M's went down with absolutely no problem at all. I didn't worry about calories or anything, just wanted to have fun. And, I did!

Um. Yeah.

Too busy to care. But, the remainder of the cake (white cake, raspberry filling, whipped cream frosting) is being tossed before I get home (I have a good daughter). That's my biggest food plan for the day!


  1. OMG love the pics! Great plan to get rid of the cake.

  2. I hear ya- I ask DH to just throw stuff out now. No use wasting it on me since I really don't want it when I think about it ;-)