Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's grosser than gross?

Fifty chicken McNuggets for $9.99. What's grosser than that? Odering two of them. So, after the embarrassment of confessing that I am part of the problem of obesity in America for partaking in such a heinous offer... I am happy to report... that it took me all day... to get down seven of them. Sorry Shrinking Mommy, but Babette (my band) is TIGHT. I'm one of those horribly annoying people! Hooray!

But, I had my happiness knocked out of me by the USA vs CANADA game. I love it when it's so close at the end like that. Unless we lose. I'm going to go load up on Ambien now and go to bed. There's now no reason for me to stay awake today. Kidding. Not.

Tomorrow is a big day at work for me, so I honestly need to go to bed early. I have lightly mentioned that things have been KICK ASS at work, in a good way. I'm working on a project right now that is getting me noticed at the highest levels. While I'm very type A, and love to do a great job for the sake of doing a great job (I'm a huge fan of intrinsic satisfaction, and only competing with myself, etc)- it still feels fabulous when a little peon like me can make a big difference. I've been very careful (and lucky) in my career choices, and have a very unique skill set, and hope to continue to fine tune myself into an invaluable asset worth lots of money. That's all. Not more than that. ;)

Back to food... my lunch is packed for tomorrow. Lots of protein- including four chicken McNuggets, wish me luck! Don't hate me because I have restriction. For now. I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts!!!


  1. Ok - I love Chicken Mcnuggets. I haven't had any since surgery, but they call to me sometimes. When I was pregnant with my daughter all I could eat for awhile were McNuggets- I was so worried she'd have horrible vitamin deficiencies.

  2. lol Hate you because you have restriction? Daggy x

    I think its funny though how your eyes were bigger than your belly. Were the nuggets you bought hot and ready to eat or frozen ready to be cooked? Were you going to share them or eat them all yourself..? Yowza!!! Whatever the case, I'm glad you only managed 7 all day. Not too shabby.

    Oh and great news about work too. It's a brill feeling when we can succeed in that side of life too. GO YOU!!!!!!!

  3. Okay, so who ate the other 93 nuggets? My 11 year old son saw the ad for that deal and has been begging me to get it for him ever since then...he wants to prove he can eat the whole thing.

    That hockey game...well, it was fun to watch, until we lost! I hear you.

    Very cool about the job!

  4. OMGOSH! When I read that I wished for a moment I didnt have the band. I miss my MickeyD late night binges! OH THEY TASTED GOOOOOD!

  5. no hating from me... i am right there with you! and my competitive bone would have only ate 6 just to prove i had MORE restriction! lol.