Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off the hooch and a new scale

My sword is bloody, but I am alive! And I no longer drink diet soda. It's been three days, and no withdrawal symptoms at all. I think it was making my fibromyalgia symptoms worse... especially the "fibro fog" part. Psychosomatic or not, my brain seems to have cleared up noticably after my first day off. I'm not sleeping any better, but I am able to focus so much better during the day. I'm not going to be fanatical about this like the first time I went off... over a year with NO soda touching my lips. I may consider drinking it if we're eating out. But, no more 2 litres during the day. Yes, you read me right. I was drinking an entire 2 litre a day. And, I am surprised it was effecting me negatively? Yes. Yes I am. Sigh.

Mr. W has decided to eat healthier (aka go on a diet). I've been helping him with calories, portions, nutrition, etc. Guys suck because they can eat so damn much and still lose weight. Before I continue on about how bitter I am about that, I will move onto the new scale issue. Since we're both doing this weight loss thing, and since my scale was fickle at best, we decided to get a new scale. Nothing fancy, just one from Target. But, when I step on it... it says the same thing. The exact same thing. Over and over again. Even when I move it around. So, I think my old scale WAS broken. Or crap anyway.

Dunno. Don't care. :)

Today during work I am eating the following- zone bar, yogurt, oatmeal, salisbury steak & mac-n-cheese. 41 grams protein, 700 calories. Babette has been tight (she is unpredictable at times), so my calories have been good and I'm able to be satisfied with very small amounts of food. Yesterday, I got in all of my protein, and wanted to get in some more calories (imagine that!), so I had a teeny bit of key lime pie, and, yes AND, a swiss cake role. YUM. I felt like I had completely indulged, and I had, but my calories for the day were still around 1300. Fabulous. I know I'm not a nutrition nut, and that is because I need to do what is sustainable for me. But remember, I'm off soda! So, I do make a few healthy decisions. Go me!


  1. Hey, you got off the soda - big achievement! And your menu sounds perfectly fine and healthy to me! Its more important to do what works in the long run. Way to go.

  2. My hubby is also trying the diet thingy, but only because I am not cooking right now, so he is stuck with his own food prep. He lost a bunch of weight years ago and is pretty lean. Men, they lose so easily. He's been living on peanut butter sandwiches, frozen dinners and protein drinks. I think he likes it when he travels and gets to go out to a restaurant.

    Wow, 2L of hooch a day. Wow, I thought I was bad with two cans a day-gave it up a year ago but feel no different. I think some people are sensitive to the aspartame. Good for you for making the change if it brings you relief.

  3. Givin' up the hooch - way to go :)

  4. Hey well done. Giving up something we just love is damn tough - I would kill someone if they tried to take my small carton of iced coffee away from me. You always seem to eat so well. xx