Thursday, February 11, 2010

One more girl in the world

One more girl in the world weighs in the 180's- and she's ME! Looks like the cut and color worked. I think all the slowness in weight loss was because I'm gaining HAIR! Lots and lots of baby hairs! All over! Fabulous.

Can I just say that this last little bit of weight loss has been the most excruciating ever? I've lost over 400 lbs in my illustrious weight losing career, and have NEVER discussed one single pound of it with anyone. Except for this last six pounds (or so). It does not make me more accountable to write about it, I am only accountable to myself. But, I think I still like getting all of the craziness out of head, and into a format I can analyze. That part has been helpful. I've probably had weight loss this slow MANY times, but never once put it in writing where it was obvious to me how it was going. Hopefully, my band and keeping this blog will both help to end my second career! The band is helping my first career for sure (for anyone who missed it, I got a nice raise on Monday).

We're getting a surprise snow storm... and I sat in my parked car and just enjoyed the beauty of everything being white. That was really nice.

Oatmeal, yogurt, zone bar, turkey & mashed potatoes, popcorn. You can probably guess how many calories (700), and protein is 43 grams. Babette (my dear sweet band) is really giving me some love! I tried to eat some fish two nights ago, and yesterday for lunch, and whoa! do I need to eat is slowly. For dinner last night, I had a bite of buffalo chicken strip, and a few bites of homemade mac & cheese, and that's all she'd allow. I love eating a tiny bit of really yummy food, and feeling oh so full. I could not do this without her. I love you, Babette. Smooches.


  1. Whoohoo!! So happy for you! You are fabulous.

  2. Amazing! Congratulations! (ps: it!)