Friday, February 19, 2010


BB Award! No, it's not the Band-Babe award, but the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award! So, as promised I'm going to do this by "THE RULES" (please see post below). It appears that all three people who read my blog nominated me! Actually, I'm really humbled because I love, love, love reading the bloggers who nominated me. I'm having issues with my link button, so I apologize if it's necessary to cut and paste these links. Either way, trust me... it's worth the time.

Banded in January, Gilly is a sophisticated and interesting blogger. She has a dark, dry sense of humor- which is probably why I love her so.

Jen is cute as the day is long. I look forward to reading her posts everyday. Especially because she steals candy from little children- which is probably why I love her so.

Sweet Dawn! Recently banded with her husband, bless her heart. She is from Pennsylvania, which is close to Maryland, and I love east coasters!


1) I grew up in Baltimore. The oldest of eight kids. I went to an all girls private school. That should explain alot about me.

2)I hated nursing school. When I graduated, I got a job at Ann Taylor until I couldn't afford to work there anymore. I then became a school nurse so I could have the same schedule as my kids. Next I took a job as a public health nurse for the health department doing care management for children with special needs who did not qualify for rare and ezpensive medical, but had serious co-morbid conditions. I then became an OR nurse in a pediatric hospital, specializing in cardiovascular surgery. That job had some serious highs and lows, but I really loved it. The best part was heart transplants, watching someone's tragedy turn into a complete miracle. To witness a new heart start to beat in a child is an indescribable emotional gift. I am currently a pediatric nurse care manager for a nationally recognized insurance company and I work with NICU babies and my darling heart patients. This is also an extremely challenging and rewarding job, and I love it.

3)Famous people I've met- not including local notables. Oprah (the older one, not Amy). I met her in the shoe department of a department store in Baltimore when she was a news anchor there. Dr. Ben Carson. If you don't know who he is, google him. It was my goal to work with him, and Johns Hopkins was paying to fly me out for an interview, when my oldest son was in an accident and so I ended up heading to Seattle instead. Oh, and I met Scott "well, HELLO there" Rockenfeld (the drummer from Queensryche). :)

4)I met Mr. Wonderful on an online dating site. We got hitched in Vegas six weeks later! Luckily, I had learned a few of lifes lessons and when I met him... and I KNEW he was "it". Almost seven years later, each day is better than the last (when I don't want to smother him with a pillow for snoring). We are as different and simultaneously alike as any two people could be. We are like peanut butter and jelly. So different, but definitely so good together.

5)I am going to be a grandmother at the end of June. My daughter is expecting a little boy (we just found out). She is naming him Aiden. This is such a difficult time for her, and me, but I'm trying to handle this with all the love and compassion I can offer. Pregnancy should never be a sad occasion for any woman (insert my liberal ideations here). So, we are doing everything we can to set her up for success (ie education, education, education), but this is going to be a challenging journey.

6)My husband and I have a five year plan to move to France. He has travelled all through out and lived in Europe. The extent of my international travel is Canada and Mexico, and I'm thinking there might be more to the world than North America? We're thinking about the city of Nice for various reasons, but are open to suggestions.

7) States I've lived in (in no particular order)- Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Texas, Washington, California.


I like CeeJay because she started out at almost the same exact weight as me. She is going to do so well with her band and I really appreciate her thoughtful comments.

2)Jen from Oregon
Jen says she's shy, but we're going to hang out together and pick up cute firemen! Seriously, I like Jen because she is about my age and we seem to be at similar points in our lives and band journey. And her posts are just plain fun to read.

3)Dee from Nawlinz
Dee is so insightful. I like her blog music! And, I'm a Saints fan, so enough said?

Yet another complete cutie pie. And, another Pennsylvania girl, which means I can't help but to love her!

Yana keeps it real. And, if I ever change my diet for the better, it's going to be just like hers! Good grief, I salivate over almost all of her posts! And, she's a cool NYC lawyer.

6)Super Mega Anna

Young, fun, lots of energy. She is so honest about her band journey. And, doing really well!

7)Or has it just begun
This guy is a hottie. I'd do him. Plus, he's been dieting for four STRAIGHT days!!! If you call 2200+ calories a day "dieting". :)

YEAH, I think this project is officially finished. WAKE UP NOW!


  1. Hi! I just started reading your blog. My husband would be SO impressed that you met the drummer from Quennsryche. I am a pediatric anesthesiologist that does cardiac surgeries at a children's hospital in Texas. It is a wonderful/terrifying job as you clearly know! I hope to be banded in March. You have had such wonderful results! I look forward to reading more.

  2. All girls school eh? That may have inspired a new post on my "other" blog he-he just kidding!

    I've always wanted to go to nursing school. I applied twice and the college where I went used a lottery system...I just wasn't lucky so I took up blackjack instead. (perhaps I should have used that I play tournament blackjack as one of my seven over some of the things I posted) I ended up going through the paramedic program, ER Tech, OR tech and RT training while waiting to get in...but never did Someday???

    I look forward to picking up some hunky firemen with ya! lol
    Thanks again for the nomination :)
    It is so hard to pick just 7 bloggers!
    Everyone has taught me something on this journey for sure.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Lara. I love Maryland by the way!

  4. lol - Candy snatchers unite! I love this post, it's great learning more about you. We have #5 in common! #2 is just amazing, just imagining seeing a heart start beating in a child brought tears to my eyes. My secret dream is to be a nurse someday. I really admire you for that.