Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's not fun unless it's naughty...

Sex and sweets. Do it like you mean it. Purposefully. Slowly. Choose the very best and savor it. It is only pleasurable that way. It is only good for the soul that way. And, it is necessary for true physical and emotional health.

If you want some candy, or desert, or your favorite treat, do it! Buy only small quantities, or throw out too much, or force your family and friends to take the excess (believe me, they will not be upset about that, and you may become very popular in the process). But, there are times when we need the emotional satisfaction that comes from enjoying all of our physical senses. Denying ourselves doesn't make our needs go away. Learning to accept and enjoy the things that bring us intense pleasure is key to living a full life.

Sex and chocolate. Amazing. Epiphany material. Truly. The chocolate was cheap and easy (wink wink), but the textures and taste... ummmmmmm. Dear god, seriously a religious experience.

It appears I will be fasting today as I brought the wrong lunch. One of the kids is going to get a healthy surprise in a few hours!


  1. Oooo...that's a good Epiphany! Love it!

  2. So true! It is essential to learn how to incorporate the most beloved things into our diets and lives.