Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I will definitely lose weight today!

Getting my haircut this morning, so I will definitely lose weight today. I think the problem with my scale is the floors in my house, they are uneven. Why do I continue to weigh myself every day? Because I want to see the 180's as quickly as possible, so I'm willing to drive myself crazy with daily weigh-in's, knowing full well that the fluctuations of daily weight are maddening. Weight was 191 today. No joke. And, it's not physically possible for me to be gaining weight, or even maintaining. So, I wait. And drive myself nuts. And anyone who may be reading this. Sorry. :)

The hair "trim" (JUST A TRIM, PLEASE) is in preparation for my weekend! Going to Queensryche with Mr. W this Saturday. I've never listened to heavy metal, but I did listen to a few clips that were emailed to me. Actually, not too bad. The two or three songs I heard anyway. There was an orchestra in the background in one song, and accoustic guitar in another. It's embarrassing to hear the music I listened to in the 80's, the sound quality is baaaad. Really awful. But, I still listen to it sometimes.

I have lots of shopping to do, and I'm going to get a few surprises for our weekend away...

I need to go the store. Yogurt, Zone bar (half of it eaten, the other half thrown away, I hate the caramel chocolate flavor), pepperjack, plain tuna. Maybe I'll see if Mr. W is free for lunch today. If not, I may opt to not eat anything else until tonight. I'm noticing I have this thing about really enjoying my food. I'd rather spend calories on yummy over nutrition most days of the week. And both days on the weekend! Have a fabulous Wednesday, love to all.

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  1. I like the way you think! Maybe I should get a trim too!