Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Editing Disclaimer and a great deal...

eCstatic, I was eCstatic. I'm embarrassed, unfortunately not sorry, about all the spelling and grammar errors I end up posting. So they'll probably continue. But, just FYI, I do usually catch them once it's too late. I refuse to do anything about it once I publish (hence why I don't think I'm really sorry). If you'll just assume I'm not a complete moron, I promise I will return the favor and read blogs with a gentle eye as well. Deal?


  1. Too funny, but I didn't notice til you pointed it out. I usually notice spelling but guess I was just enjoying your post.

  2. any idea how to get spell check in the new blogger thingy?

  3. i can't find it. i clicked a button one day to "update" my blogger editor and it was gone!!!!! any ideas?