Monday, March 1, 2010

100 McNuggets

I guess I wasn't clear... they weren't all for me. We had a small crowd at our house watching the Olympic hockey game. Mr. W decided that he wanted gobs of McNuggets to nosh on during the hockey game and all the kids concurred. I actually thought the amount was grotesque. So I ate seven nuggets (and I splurged on one bar-b-q sauce), a zone bar, and 15 Swedish fish yesterday. That's all! I promise!

Good scale news... I weighed 186 this morning. In nine more pounds, I'm going to start the process with my surgeon to get my tummy tuck. I'm waiting on the boob job because I am going to try to get insurance to help cover my stomache work, and don't want it to appear cosmetic in any way. Seriously, it's not. I'd be happy with just a panneculectomy with no muscle tightening at all. In fact, if they decide to do an actual tummy tuck, I want it loose. I don't want to be hunched over and in pain for three months. No thank you.

Anyway, no time to write... I just felt it necessary to explain the McNuggets situation.


  1. definitely interested in hearing more about the tummy tuck. i noticed in the mirror yesterday that i am starting to get the post-weight loss vertical fold down my mid-section.

  2. Oh me too! I hope you get yours but I'm so very interested in hearing all about it, since hopefully, I will have one too at some point.

  3. So funny... McNuggetgate!

    Way to go on 186! 113 lbs. lost. AWESOME!

    I can't wait to hear about the TT. Good plan on the breast reduction. I'm going to need both.