Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flip Flops to the Met

Did you know that the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts live to movie theatres around the world? Mr. W and I got to wear t-shirts and flip flops to see HAMLET on Saturday. Very fun, couldn't have afforded a better view if we were actually there, and for $22... super cheap chic. And, it was en francais, so hubby was doubly happy. I had a couple of NSV's while there... first, I ran up (I said RAN UP) all the stairs in the theatre... secondly, I wasn't interested in the popcorn and candy. It's a good time of the month for me, and everyone knows if I want something, I'll eat it. I honestly wasn't interested. This natural non-snacky phenomenon will be nice for the next couple of weeks.

Scale is the same. 184. However, my jeans and work pants are falling off my skinny ass. I can wear my size 12 jeans, but I'm not comfortable in them. My 14's are embarrassingly baggy. I don't know why I haven't bought new work pants, but I did buy some cute tops over the weekend. I'm so used to switching things up with tops, jewelry and shoes... because pants have always been a trickier fit for me. I can never buy pants cheap because fit is more critical than price. Sigh. This brings me to my need for surgery... I will be making my appointment this week.

I chose to take off on Friday, and am choosing to just do what I can this week to catch up at work. No worry, no stress.

Lots of nibbles. Not too many calories. The next two weeks or so give me a little hormonal (non-pms) break from obsessing about food.

I've caught up on lots of blogs today. I'm a bad commenter, but an avid reader... love you all, and love all your blogs!


  1. Sounds fun! And you can casually mention that over the weekend you went to the weekend.
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. 184 is da bomb! You ARE a skinny ass!

  3. 184 is a great number to have reached. No wonder you have saggy ass pants!

    The weekend sounds heaps of fun.

  4. congrats on having saggy jeans on your skinny ass!

  5. 184 - yay for you - GO SHOPPING!

  6. My hubby and I totally went to see Hamlet at the Met at the movies!! I wore flip-flops too!! I love it!