Monday, March 15, 2010

My weekend with Babette

This weekend I decided to just wing it food wise, and see what happened. My oldest son came to visit, so there was lots of eating out and all of the usual social eating that goes along with vacations, holidays, etc. I chose to just eat what I could, and see how Babette did at helping me out. How did she do? Well, on Friday night we went to a movie, and I was able to eat two or three handfuls of popcorn. The day ended at about 1500 calories. Saturday included girl scout cookies (only two, unbelievable) and the day ended at about 1600 calories. Sunday, we went out to lunch and I could only pick at my food. We also watched more movies- candy, popcorn, etc... and I added up my calories to around 1600. All of this adding was after the fact... so it's obvious to me that Babette can do a decent job. I won't eat this way all the time, but it's nice to know that if I'm not perfect in doing my part of the job, she's very adept at doing her part towards my weight loss efforts. I'll give her an "high met" on her evaluation. She deserves a raise.

Not counting calories. WOOOO HOOOO.

Someone suggested to me mixing vanilla greek yogurt with cottage cheese- and it is YUMMY. Seriously reminds of cheesecake. The flavor is right, and the cottage cheese gives the correct consistency in my mouth. This will be a staple for a long time, soooooo good. Also ate a zone bar and popcorn so far today. My tummy is growling, so it's time for my cheese raviolies. I like a late lunch, so I'm not starving by dinner time. I'm betting we'll be eating out one last time tonight, before my son heads back home... he's enjoying all his old favorites. I've been surrounded by all the people I love most in the world this weekend. Oh, and Babette, too!

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  1. Give that girl a raise - she did great!
    I happy you had a wonderful weekend with your family.
    I'm trusting you on this - cottage cheese and vanilla greek yogurt? I'll try it, but it sounds weird! :) I'm tempted to put strawberry jam in it like cheesecake topping. I'll use sugar free. That's one way to get a little fruit in.