Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekday Dish

Hi Jen From Oregon! On Thursdays I've decided to post my blog in opposite order so I can participate in the "Weekday Dish". I for one, am very interested to see what bandsters are actually eating on a daily basis.

I don't know what I'll be eating tonight for dinner, but here's what I had last night-

*bacon cheeseburger
*french fries
*Drumstick ice cream cone

I was able to get down the two big fat juicy pieces of bacon first. Yummy. I flashed my husband "the look"- that means "can you believe I'm already full"? But, I was determined to get some of the yummy cheeseburger down, and very s-l-o-w-l-y I managed 2/3'rds of it. I basically sucked on about six french fries, because that was the only way they were going to make it down. The bun wasn't even an option. You know what? I enjoyed my meal! In a weird way, I feel even more satisfied post-band with that particular meal than I ever would have pre-band. How often do I eat cheeseburgers now? Not often at all. But, when I want it, I do it, and my portions are so reasonable it's absolutey guilt free. No dieters remorse! Later in the evening I had a mini-drumstick cone- vanilla with the chocolate all through out and peanuts on top, all for 130 calories. After all that, I finished yesterday with under 1300 calories.

Today I'm eating-

*a Kashi chocolate caramel protein and fiber bar
*oatmeal w/ nuts and fruit
*chicken parmesan

And, as previously mentioned, I have no idea what's on the menu for dinner.

I'm actually back to my old ways a little bit. I've been sick this week, but have done very little to slow down. I'm aware that the world won't stop without me, but I've been pushing myself to keep up with everything. That doesn't usually end well for me. This weekend, I must relax and get more rest.

My appointment yesterday with my endocrinologist was wonderful. All my labs are perfect. BP was 106/66. So, this particular doctor and I actually know each other in three different circles of people. One is personal. In fact, she's good friends with my hairstylist. And while I know my doctor has kept the bounds of patient confidentiality, my hairstylist has obviously not done the same thing. My doctor walks into the room and first thing she says is "Wow, your hair really IS growing back". Important things first, right??? It was funny. We also discussed my TT, and she's writing some good notes for me for when I make my insurance request. So, between help from the two of them- I should be gorgeous- just like they are. It's not how you feel, but how you look!


  1. Isn't it funny how we eat now? At first I looked at your food and I was thinking "she was able to eat a bacon cheeseburger? Wow." Then I see how you ate it. I do the same thing, piece by piece, no bun and rarely the whole thing. And, I is so much more satisfying now. I've been noticing that lately.
    Congrats on the great test results and the hair growing back and being fabulous in general!
    I'm still looking forward to your blog. Don't worry about being perfect we will love it no matter what!