Saturday, March 20, 2010

If the sidebar doesn't work...

...and you REALLY want to see this VLOG... go to YouTube, type in "Band Babe", and I'm the 6:14 one, that says barkinarkin (don't ask) next to it.


  1. you are much more gorgeous than your pictures would suggest! and you did NOT look old!!

  2. OMG That totally worked. I just double clicked the Video Bar up top left and bang - up you came.

    How amazing do you look! Your big blue eyes - and amazing hair (which is exactly the hairstyle I was trying to achieve but isn't playing ball!! lol) I love your voice, too. Honestly, you look amazing - so tiny!!!! How proud you must feel. Just a great vlog thru and thru and wonderful answers to the questions xx

  3. Very nice vlog!!!
    You look great, your eyes are so purdy :)

    Vlog launched for me no trouble at all.
    Loved your answers too, I was gonna get on that but I took some lortab and crashed, lol

  4. I loved it! It was worth the wait.
    And P.S. You did not look old - you look gorgeous and you have the most *beautiful* eyes!
    Congratulations on the 115 lbs! You make me think that it's possible for me too. :)