Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grab your swimsuits girls...

... I'm about to beach and moon (translation- bitch and moan). I don't like spring. It's manic-depressive. Warm one second, snowing the next. I ended up wearing flip flops in a snowstorm on Saturday. I also don't like this stupid time change. It's making me o.h.s.o.v.e.r.y tired. Spring doesn't make me happy. Give me autumn and I'm a happy girl. Even winter beats spring because at least you know what you're going to get. And during the summer? I can be tan and my appetite is always less when it's hot out.

I've always lost weight during summer. Back when I was naturally thin, I usually gained twenty pounds during the winter (all the way up to 135lbs) and lost back down to 115lbs during the summer. I've been giving a little thought to what it means to be "naturally thin". Do these lucky bitches eat all they want? Or is "all they want" actually alot less than what someone overweight wants? I remember when food wasn't all consuming. My sisters are all thin, and eat "whatever they want". Now with my band, I can basically eat "all I want" or "whatever I want". Well, I don't know about that. But, my band is helping me redefine my relationship with food. It's still far from "normal" or "natural", but that's something I'd like to achieve.

Cancelled my appointments for today. I'm going to go home, and go to bed early tonight. (Did I mention I hate this stupid time change?)

Yummy vanilla yogurt mixed w/ cottage cheese, zone bar, chicken carbonara, popcorn. Last night for dinner I had 1-2 ounces of pot roast and some carrots. I skipped the potatoes as unnecessary carbs, and didn't even miss them. The broth turned into a heavenly french onion soup. Calories yesterday were around 1400. That's good enough. And, I'm at a point right now where I don't even want crazy calorie restriction. I can only do that for so long before my body revolts. I'm liking eating more calories and I feel so healthy.


  1. I like Spring myself but Fall is the best. Crisp mornings and warm afternoons. can't wait!

    I think it is great you are taking care of yourself this afternoon and heading home to rest! WTG!

    My Mom weighs 98lbs and eats like a horse! Not even kidding (she is 80 and can eat like a lumberjack) I don't get it!

    enjoy your rest!

  2. Yeah, I'm a spring girl too. Here in Australia where I live spring is bird calls, and crisp bright mornings with clear skies - zero rain and medium heat... summer sucks though.

    Get yourself some rest. You sound like you need it :)