Friday, March 19, 2010

Moist, dense, spicy carrot cake ...

... with buttery, sugary, vanilla-y cream cheese frosting. That's the PMS craving I woke up to this morning. Luckily, I want it from ONE particular bakery, and nothing else will do. So, if I just don't go to THAT bakery, I should be fine. I'm also trying to come up with diversion thoughts. Things like size 12 jeans, FUN clothes shopping, being able to walk faster than everyone else to get into work quickly in bad weather (don't you hate people like that?), bending over (no side tying of shoelaces), getting the "look" from decent looking men (not the "creepy" look, but the "you're hot" look), being able to share clothes with your teenage daughter (I'm not actually there yet, but she's getting nervous!). I could go on, but you get the picture. The rewards of being thin are better than the risk of an entire carrot cake. But, if I should happen to miraculously come across a single piece... I may have a bite or two...

I may work on a VLOG this weekend. A couple of them have been recorded, but are too outdated at this point. I'm not sure my blog layout choice can support streaming video. We couldn't get anything to upload last weekend. I might try a you-tube link this weekend. I am so completely, and hopelessly un-techy. And, I don't like asking for help, but don't want to spend too much time figuring it out for myself. But, I really want to be able to do them because I enjoy everyone elses so much. Anyway, just so you know, I haven't forgotten about it.

Flip flops in a snowstorm. AGAIN.

Bagel and cream cheese, mint chocolate Zone bar, chicken alfredo. Yada yada... 700 calories, don't know the protein. Movie tonight... so for all those who think my diet is horrendous.. you might want to skip my next blog. Tonight's menu will be like watching a train wreck in slow mo... but with no carrot cake.


  1. Do a vlog, do a vlog!!!!
    Have fun tonight...

  2. Yeah do a vlog, do a vlog. I want to see you in technicolour!!! x Have a good weekend yourself.