Thursday, January 28, 2010


Point zero. Point zero? POINT ZERO!?!? And the scale was NOT in the mood to negotiate. I tried several times. Whatever.

Even that can't dampen my excitement for my party, which is almost here! Actually, I'm happy about my weight because I might be in the 180's by Saturday. I feel like a little kid, but I'm mostly excited because I'm going to see girlfriends I don't normally get to spend time with. It's fun to think that all the people I really like and love in the world, will all be together in one room! With a hot male stripper. Talk about icing on the cake! And we all know how much I adore icing!

I still don't know what I'm going to wear. Not jeans. I need to go shopping. You'd think I'd have had this planned for a while, but not so. I should go at lunch today. My nail salon is by my house, and I'm going to stop in on my way home and get a pedicure. I got the manicure last week, for my actual birthday. This is terrific because technically, I only have to do the fun things to get ready for this party, and my family gets to do all the cleaning and not so fun preparations. I'm going to help, though. I talk big, but I'd feel bad not helping out. I'm only going to HELP. ;)~

Let's see what happens on my shopping trip at lunch...

Mint chocolate Zone bar (14,200), oatmeal (4,100), vanilla yogurt (5,100), pasta romano w/ bacon (12, 300). 35 grams protein, 700 calories. Not so worried about protein right now because I get a two week reprieve from feeling snacky. Thank you very much, hormones.


  1. You are one poop away from the 180's! Woohoo! You will be there by Saturday! Have an amazing time!!


  2. Hope you have a blast!
    You'll get there!!!! 180's vibes headed your way

    You can send the fireman pics to my email :) lol

  3. Oh so close - so this means it won't be long till you see those 180's. Whooo! Sounds like your party is going to be fun - just don't fall of when you start dancing on the table!!

  4. Glad to read you are pampering yourself.. hope you find a great outfit and enjoy that party!!

  5. Tomorrow morning I predict 189.7! I hope you have great party!

  6. Just found your blog! Way to go with your weight loss so far!!