Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did it! I really did it! Sort of...

Proof of my "ski" weekend is to your left! I know it's the right thing to say that skiing is AWESOME, and so fun, and I loved it! But in all honesty, skiing really sucked! Spending time with my son was absolutely priceless, though. This was one of those weekends where the memories will last a lifetime. How horrible the skiing was, actually added character and warmth to the whole experience, if that makes sense to anyone. I also tried snowshoeing, which I liked MUCH better. There wasn't any cross country skiing there, but I think it might be my happy medium. We have plenty of cross country where I live, so when I get rich, I might take it up. I loved being in the snow, and everything about it, except for the being on skis part. My son was really good about me completely embarassing him in front of all of his friends and co-workers. He appeared to be a little shocked that the ability to ski well (or at all) is apparently NOT genetic. I am super proud of myself for even trying as much as I did. I made it down the magic carpet hill, once. My BFF gave me the valuable advice of "french fries" to ski and "pizza" to stop, and I just kept that in my head the entire time. However, when "pizza" failed, I decided NO more! If skis had spikes like snowshoes, I might be interested. Stopping at will is fairly important to me! Regardless of my ability to ski, or NOT, it was exciting to see my son so grown up, and get a glimpse into his daily life away from home. That was the best part of the weekend. Leaving was really sad, but I'm so happy we made the trip.

Food? Yes please. It was a "rely on the band" weekend. I'm still a very long way from having made peace with real food. I physically couldn't eat much at some meals, but I ordered some chili con carne at a Mexican dive on Saturday night... and it went down like butter. Almost all of it. Scariness. After going in circles in my head trying to analyze the whole thing, I just decided to screw it. So, that's where I'm at. Tomorrow is a work day, and back to planned protein. Like a true addict, I will just take this one day at a time.


  1. Yay! You did it! I am so proud of you getting on the sticks! It is not easy. I remember the first time I tried - and believe me, I felt the same way as you. Hopefully you will try again sometime. The key, even more than pizza and french fry, is just shifting your weight from side to side- even to stop. When you watch how the good skiiers do it, you will know what I mean. But it took me many tries to actually feel like it was "fun".

    GREAT accomplishment just getting out there! Congrats! And how sweet to see your son in his element.

  2. lol What a great post. It's so sweet that your son was there for you while you were trying to ski. Think of the exercise you just did! It must work every muscle!

  3. Yes, at least you did this with your Son & can remember this forever. Not to mention the great exercise you got!!

  4. okay, now I am afraid to try to ski! lol Still gonna (Going to Tahoe in Feb)
    Sounds like a great time none the less!
    I can't wait to do grown up things with my Sons! My daughter (20) and I have always shared fun times. But my oldest boy Zack (18) is moving out this week :( I hope to spend time with him doing things like this!
    Great Pictures too! you look fantastic!