Monday, January 25, 2010


After I posted yesterday, NatGeo had the episode of Taboo on "Fat in Industrialized Society". I know someone had posted a link to it, and it's worth watching. Some interesting points: Fatism is the last acceptable discrimination (yes, I think that's wrong). Women bear the brunt of fatism (what's new? it's culturally more acceptable for men to be overweight). Ten years ago, China had virtually no overweight people, now 1/3 of the population is overweight. This phenomenon is called "Globesity". There are still African cultures that "gavage" their daughters so that they will be overweight, because it is a sign of wealth. They put their feet in a wooden device and will let up the pressure only when the little girls swallow their milk fortified with whey and butter. Westerners would view this as obviously abusive, so is it abusive to allow our children in industrialized nations to be come obese? Lastly, how did emmaciation become a status symbol in the west? That was never really answered. But, the dichotemy between thinness as the ideal all the while our waist lines are increasing, and the mental and emotional toll that takes on people, was mentioned if not really addressed. Good timing.

Enough with the heavy stuff! I promise I'm done for awhile. Well, except that we had a bake sale for Haiti at work today. As a responsible individual, I had to do my part to help... so I bought cupcakes for my family. There are some very talented individuals in my building who brought some gorgeous baked goods. There are five of us at home, so I only bought four. They are individually wrapped up with a bow on top, and the cupcakes themselves are almost too beautiful to eat. That should keep me from attacking them, until my family has a chance to. I avoided all the full sized cakes, or anything that would be too easy for me to start mindlessly eating. Good strategy!

Stupid goal. ;)

I'm sucking on shaved ham. It's the only way I can get it down. Cheese and cottage cheese went down well this morning. 46 grams of protein for during the day, if I can manage it. No popcorn. There's no chance of that. I'm having to really pay attention to chewing and eating slowly. I've not had to really do that previously, at least not this carefully. I slimed twice yesterday. Ewwww. Scale is at 190. No love from the scale, but my pants are ridiculously big. I had to get new jeans this weekend, size 14! No glamour pics because I don't really think I look any smaller. I need to find an outfit that makes me look thin for Saturday. There will be lots of pictures from that, and it would be great if I looked _______? decent? good? not fat? not the fattest one? thin??? I don't know what to hope for...


  1. You are already looking great girl! And I love you posts about fatism... I think we have all felt it one time of another.

  2. I always love your posts - no matter what they are about. Here is something else to think about.. fatism. Good luck in finding something for Saturday. You will look beautiful no matter what you wear.