Friday, January 8, 2010

I will die on my sword...

... over the soda issue. I was reading Babbles of a Bandster yesterday, and Amy quite innocently asked about drinking carbonation. Well! This subject really gets my attention, and not just because of my horrid addiction to diet wild cherry pepsi. My dear friends, I was off soda for over a year. It was not difficult, I had no withdrawal, and no cravings. My abstinance coincided with my surgery, but I actually stopped drinking caffeine for my Fibromyalgia symptoms. About two months ago, I decided to take a sip. And then another, and now??? That's not important.

What's important is, why is this "rule" for bandsters to not drink carbonation in place? Is there any evidence? Studies? Literature? Does anyone know someone whose band exploded or whose pouch became the size of a football as a direct consequence of drinking soda? So, after a bit of thinking, I decided to do a little experiment. What does soda actually DO in our stomachs? I can't measure that exactly for the obvious reason, but I had the bright idea that my MOUTH was in my body, and if I figured out what soda did sitting there, I'd have a good idea what it's doing a bit further down.

So, for the sake of science, I drank some diet wild cherry pepsi. ALOT of it. Here are my findings: I took a regular sized amount of one sip that I'd usually take. I let the soda sit in my mouth. I was attempting to assess the amount of pressure I feel, or if the soda expands, or what exactly it does. For about 10 seconds of the soda in my mouth, my tongue could appreciate the tingling of the carbonation. My mucous membranes did not appreciate any carbonation. Not only did the soda not expand, the carbonation rapidly decayed in approximately 10 seconds (depending on the size of the sip), and by the time I swallowed the soda the carbonation was completely gone.

My theory is that since the carbonation provided no appreciable pressure (as in NONE, nada, ZIP)in my mouth, that's probably what it does in my pouch and or stomach. And, that's assuming the carbonation has not fizzed out by the time it reaches my pouch. And, for me, liquids go straight through. They are sliders for me. So, in conclusion, I should stop drinking soda for my fibro symptoms, and not for some inane reason. Soda is BAD. There are plenty of studies to show that. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things for the right reasons. But, I'm still going to drink my DIET WILD CHERRY PEPSI because I love it, I'm going to marry it!!! Ok, enough.

I weighed myself IN FRONT of my husband this morning! I've not ever done that, ever, never, ever. He now knows how much I weigh. 191. I think I'm going to make my birthday goal (hooray). Wait! rewind, replay... I WEIGH 191lbs! 191!!!Unbefruckingleavable!!!

Yesterday I had 1150 calories, 73 grams protein. I've got 49 grams of protein planned for during the day today. Weekends I'm not so planned, but I usually end up doing ok anyway. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Interesting experiment.. I always thought the carbonation and gas was the reason they warn you to stay away.. I actually drink less soda in the winter months.. so no temptations right now.
    On another note.. I am so happy I found your blog.. You look absolutely FANTASTIC.. what a huge success you have had.. very inspiring to me as newly banded and just starting the journey..

  2. My doctor said it was impossible to stretch your pouch with pop. He doesn't allow it for two reasons 1) it causes indigestion in most people from the gas and it can irritate reflux in those prone to it. 2) studies have shown that pop is bad for you. Regular pop of course has too many calories and Diet pop can trick the body of many people in thinking it is sugar and then it produces insulin. Excess insulin causes hunger.

    That being said I have a diet coke every once in a while. It doesn't seem to bother me, but I don't have any restriction. I figure going from 3 large pops a day to 1 or 2 small every couple of weeks is huge progress for me. If it does cause problems I will give it up, but so far it has been the hardest thing for me to give up.

  3. I don't know much about the carbonation side of things, either. I guess mostly they say to stop drinking it because it's empty calories. I still have a coke - rarely - but I have it with a mixer drink. No harm here so far :) Just enjoy your rare drink too.. life will be too boring otherwise.

  4. I too was addicted to soda. But my vice was Caffeine Free Diet Coke! I hadn't drank a soda for 2 months when I decided to have one at a restaurant. It didn't even taste good like it used to. But I didn't let that stop me!

    Although I do order one when we eat out, I basically just sip on it. I have never drank more than one glass since the Surgery. I used to drink at least two glasses during the meal & many times asked for a to go cup as well to take with me. So I consider this a real breakthrough. This way, I occasionally have a Diet Coke, but only when we go out to eat.