Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome Babette!

It’s a bouncing baby… band! Actually, it’s my forty week bandiversary! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I have named my band- Babette. And she’s nine months old this week. The name I picked is admittedly cheesy (which is WHY I’ve never mentioned it)… “Babe” ette, because my blog is Band-“Babe”? Get it? Also as a disclaimer, I picked my blog name because it sounds like “band-aid” and I’m a nurse… not because I think I’m so hot. I fix up ok, though, but that’s beside the point.

So, what has nine months brought? My pre-op weight was 277 lbs . I honestly couldn’t remember what it was, so I had to ask my doctor at my fill appointment last week. My highest witnessed weight was 299 lbs. I’ve lost 86 lbs since surgery (April 2009), and 108 lbs since deciding on weight loss surgery (November 2008). I’ve averaged a little over a 2 lb weight loss per week, but the loss has definitely s-l-o-w-e-d at this stage of the game. My BMI started at 47 and is now at 30. I didn’t measure inches, but I’ve gone from a size 28 to a size 14. My goal weight is 150 lbs, so I’m still 40+ lbs away. If I’m able to keep momentum, I may reach goal by summer. It doesn’t really matter, because this is my lifestyle now. I don’t plan on doing anything different when I’m at goal because I will have to watch my food intake and weight for the rest of my life. It’s worth the effort in my opinion, and without the band, I wouldn’t be where I am, or have any hope for where I plan to be.

I have no spontaneous plans for the day. Ha ha ha.

Kashi pumpkin pie bar (4, 100), pepperjack cheese (5, 100), vanilla yogurt (5, 100), oatmeal (4, 100), tuna (27, 200), popcorn (3, 100). 48 grams protein, 700 calories. I was sTaRvInG yesterday during the day. My band is loose because of TOM. I must’ve peed out a gallon of water yesterday. Did it make my scale go down? NO! Did it loosen my band? OF COURSE! I seem to be not as hungry today, but have added calories just in case. I think I’m going to try to time my next fill a little more carefully. I’m learning!


  1. Happy nine months!
    I like the name! (my band is Claire)

  2. hahah, I like how you said "My highest witnessed weight was 299 lbs." bc it makes it sound very Big Foot Sighting!

    happy 9 monther!

  3. Happy Nine month bandiversary!!! You are rocking it!! x