Monday, January 11, 2010

Impressed by the Obvious

There is not much for me to share from yesterday from a band or weight loss perspective. I know this has been said in many different ways on other blogs, but I'm realizing that there is more to my life than my weight. Sometimes the obvious eludes me. Since I've recently started blogging about my lapband experiences, if someone didn't know me, they might think that is all I focus on. Truth is, weight loss is a part of my life, just NOT my life. I know this is the same for the bloggers I read. What a diverse, passionate in so many different ways, group you are. However, I've noticed a few things we all have in common. ALL of us are strong people- or we wouldn't have been so pro-active in trying to combat obesity. The band is not for the faint of heart. Of course we all have days where we struggle, but that does not diminish our accomplishment in any way. I'm impressed with how successful you all are... in weight loss, and in your lives. No one's life is perfect, and we all have areas where we want to improve, but looking from the outside in, it is obvious what a take charge, make change, help others kind of group you (we) are. I've said it before, but I'm so lucky to have found this support group. Thank you all for being you.

Nothing. And that's ok.

Chocolate chip cookie dough. That's it. Remember that Mrs. Field's recipe that's been going around the internet since the dawn of the web? We make that every once in a while, and while I'm not a huge cookie fan, cookie dough is a whole other story. So, calorie wise, not so bad. Nutrition wise, not so much. I really wasn't hungry at all yesterday, but sometimes that's normal for me even without a band. All the salmonella probably filled me up :). Anyway, some days are just cookie dough days!

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  1. You made some great points here - our weight loss shouldn't define us but instead be incorporated as part of a well rounded person. I like this post a lot :)