Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy Shitake Mushrooms

So, did everyone see Gen "i heart the band"'s post from yesterday??? Some amazing before and after pics. If that doesn't inspire me to want to start exercising, nothing will. I told my husband last night that the only thing I want from him for my birthday is my own personal entertainment center in our office/workout room. TV, stereo, the works. He loves to do stuff like that, and then I can spend my evenings running and strength training. I've never really worked with weights before, but I've also usually had alot more tone (even with being overweight). I'm starting to get a little excited about the prospects here, especially after seeing Gen's results!

To keep it fresh in my own mind, the definition I'm using for spontaneous is-
"proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint". I haven't been doing well with this the past couple of days. Work is crazy, and I tend to get into this single minded rut or something, and there are all kinds of constraints, self imposed and otherwise. I don't know how to put it very well into words. Maybe "type A"? And I need to loosen up sometimes? I'm stuck and can't even think of one single way to not let external constraints keep me from natural feelings. I guess I might be talking about this in therapy tonight...

I stopped counting protein at 60 grams yesterday, and ended up at around 1300 calories (I'm guesstimating). A good day band/food wise yesterday. I don't anticipate any problems or concerns today... 55 grams of protein planned during the day, which means I can eat whatever I want tonight. That's the way I like it. uh huh, uh huh (sorry, I couldn't resist that. can i count that as my spontaneous for the day?). Ciao.


  1. I just found you blog - I love it! You look great and are such an inspiration. DH & I will be banded on 1/27. You Food part is great - very helpful to see what a day of eating is like in bandland.

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  3. Hi Band Babe. I too have Fibromyalgia. In a comment on my blog a few days ago, you asked me what I was doing to control it.

    Well, the biggest thing that I did was to retire from work, as the stress was just killing me! I couldn't function because of the pain. And I could barely move. I was one step away from having to use an electric scooter!

    My Neurologist ran just about every test you could think of, multiple times, trying to figure out what my problems were. She did determine that I have Spinal Stenosis & I had Spinal Fusion Surgery at C 4-5 in 1998. It helped some for a while, but it didn't last long.

    My job was horrendously stressful & I was in constant pain. Especially my Neck, Shoulders & Back. In fact, it got so bad that I was seriously considering suicide, because I thought that if I quit working, my DH would divorce me, but the thought of continuing to work in that kind of pain was unthinkable. When my DH & the Neurologist found out what I was thinking, they both said that quitting was an option!!

    I didn't quit, but the Doctor prescribed me some of the Arthritis pills that have since been taken off the market (many years ago), I can't remember their name. When they were taken off the market, she switched me to Celebrex. They helped with the pain, but didn't take it away completely.

    I changed positions at work (twice), trying to lower the stress level, but ultimately, we figured out that any stress from work was too much. So with my DH's blessing, I retired from work. Which helped a lot.

    Shortly before the retirement, I had read about Fibromyalgia, & the symptoms were like a text book of my life! So I asked the Neuro Doctor if I could have it, & she finally agreed that yes, I did. She didn't want to say so, as my DH was always looking for an answer to my problems. He wanted to know what was wrong so we could FIX IT. And as you know, with Fibromyalgia, you can't just fix it.

    My Primary Physician is doing research studies in Fibromyalgia. He tried to get me on one, but because my Blood Work shows something in the RH factors (or something like that), I didn't qualify for the study (I don't have Rheumatoid Arthritis (at least not at this time)).

    Luckily, one of the drugs he had been testing, has been FDA approved. So I am taking Lyrica twice a day. Which has helped a lot. But the biggest help has come with losing weight.

    I also have both Obstructive Sleep Apnea and CENTRAL Sleep Apnea! The Obstructive Sleep Apnea is going away due to the weight loss, however, the Central Sleep Apnea will never go away & because of that, I have to sleep every night with a Bi Pap Machine!! Leave it to me to have additional problems that even weight loss can't help!! LOL

    And I have had problems sleeping ever since I retired!! Before retirement, I was taking sleeping pills in order to get enough sleep so that I could go in to work. Now, because they do not want to give me sleeping pills which could make me go into a deeper sleep which could cause me to not wake up to take a breath, I just deal with it. I stay awake until I am tired enough to go to bed, then wake up between 10-11 am most mornings! Giving me at least 6 hrs sleep each night.

    Anyway, sorry this comment was so long!!! So in answer to your question, I am taking a multitude of drugs. But for Fibromyalgia specifically, I am taking Lyrica & Vicodin for pain. I was taking an Arthritis pill as well, but because it was causing my water retention to escalate, they took me off it, & put me on Furosemide tablets & Tylenol Arthritis for additional pain relief.

    I am so impressed by your weight loss to date! I hope that I can get my tail in gear & get back to losing weight soon!

    Debi, hawaiiboundbandster

  4. WOW! Thanks for the shout out! You are toooo kind. Believe me, I am shocked when I look at those befores - and that was just 4 months ago!

    You are doing great!

  5. Hi Lara,
    Doesn't Gen look great? No doubt about it... tell me, was the clip I sent the link to the right one?

    I am looking into getting a treadmill. The weather here is SO hot it only cools down by about 8 or 9pm and by then its too dark to walk. Bummer. Hope you get your toys too :)