Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Shut Up!"

as Stacy London (What not to wear) would say. My oldest son called me yesterday afternoon to see if we were skiing just Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday this next weekend. I was asking him about what I should wear, and he said "don't worry about it, you can borrow some of my roommates gear, you're small enough to fit into it". Then I said "Shut Up"! His roommate is a friend of his from Seattle, and a juicier (love that word, Gen) girl. Still, I think I'll be lucky to fit into any of her clothes. But what a nice thing to say! I think my son is over estimating my skiing ability (just Saturday is good for a beginner), and under estimating my size. But, I'll take it all!!!

Spontaneous: We got rid of all of the kids Saturday night (thank god for grandparents) and were practicing our Ninja moves. Seriously, it was easier to sneak to fool around when I was a teenager. Kids are worse than parents about making sure NOTHING happens. We think our five year old actually has a "spidey sense". But, I digress. Anyway, game over and my husband tells me that he put on some jeans, and they had boot cut bottoms. I was mortified. They must have been HUGE on him. So, I go into the kitchen and DEMAND his jeans off of him. I needed to know. He dropped his pants (he's not stupid), and I grabbed them and ran to the bathroom. Moment of truth. They went on and up. Then I buttoned them. And, they fit. They were loose, especially in the waist (of course), but they fit my hips and thighs nicely. Very soon, they will be too big. I know it's crazy to be so excited over this, but my jeans used to be much much huger than his. This is a whole new world, and I really like it.

Before I read about the meat pouch test, I actually had my own version of it that I stumbled onto. It's the souvlaki test. We have a Greek restaurant (dive) we like to go to. The souvlaki platter has two skewers of chicken. When my band is tight, I can't finish even one skewer. When the band is just right, I can finish one entire skewer. I know I need a fill when I can eat both. I had souvlaki last night, and was done at one. Looks like things are good. I have my official weight tomorrow, and better be close to the 180's. I've now pushed my goal up to wanting it by this weekend. It could happen. :)


  1. So cool about the jeans. My hubby has these little jeans with a 30 waist. He was putting them on last night and in my mind I was thinking, I want to be able to put those same jeans on! A goal to work towards.

  2. A funny post! Nothing says thin like a sassy pair of jeans.

  3. Yay for your restriction being good. I'm stoked for you. Funny story about the jeans too. Not too shabby!