Monday, January 18, 2010

Waiting for the Whoosh I witnessed even higher numbers during the week. I'm thinking it might be time for a fill. I've been stingy with those... I've only had two since I've been banded. I keep trying to do this by myself, and DUH, if I could do it by myself, I wouldn't have been obese. I do feel some restriction, but a teeny little tweak might help me to remember faster to STOP. But, on the bright side- I honestly and proudly put down my REAL weight when I was getting all my ski gear this past weekend. And, I only weigh 30 lbs more than my son (he's really skinny during ski season, he'll pack on about 20 lbs during the summer). I'm happy about what I've accomplished with my weight loss, but this next 40 or so pounds seems really daunting. Yeah, I think a fill might do me some good.

Tomorrow, I turn 40! I'm feeling some birthday blues, I think. Turning forty is really exciting for me... I finally know who I am and what I'm doing! It's a very liberating feeling for me, and I know this is going to be my best decade ever. I've been saying I'm forty for a couple of months now, so the number itself isn't making me upset. Maybe it's a combination of birthday blues, stuck scale, and I always get sad when I have to say good bye to my oldest. I think my husband has something up his sleeve (and I hope it involves FIREMEN), so that might help my mood slightly. :)

I remembered the good one I was going to talk about! A little background here real quick: Mr. W and I did not know each other in high school (we grew up thousands of miles apart), but IF we had, we would have been in very different social groups. He was kind of a shy, nerdy kid- and I thought (mistakenly) that I was all that (and a keg party, too). I wouldn't have even noticed him (sadly)- and luckily I got much smarter as I got older, and could recognize a super good thing- and now he's mine! Anyway, he liked (and to some extent in a glory days kind of way) still likes "headbanger" or hard rock music. Not my cup of tea, but I've been opening myself up to all kinds of new things. Long story longer :), he sent me a link last week for a concert in Nevada- Queensryche? I don't know anything about them, but I immediately bought us tickets (and they were almost sold out!?!)- and sent the confirmation to him. About 3 minutes turn around time. Needless to say, he was shocked! and that made me happy! The concert is February 13th, so we get to go away for a Valentine's weekend. Win/win.

About 40 grams of protein, 700 calories (as usual) planned for today. Yogurt, oatmeal, zone bar, ravioli, popcorn. All served with a dash of restriction, or not. Which reminds me I need to call my surgeon's office...


  1. Forty!! you are still a babe.. (and it's just a number).. I would have never guessed that from your pics.. Enjoy that birthday and concert.. and give yourself a big hug.

  2. What a great 40th birthday gift you gave yourself, a sassy new bod!

  3. I wish I was forty. Oh well 56 coming up for me, yet I feel 40. I must say, my forties were my best decade. Kids growing up and getting on with life. Me and DH getting to travel more. New job and new friends. Cherish them and the health you will enjoy now that you are smaller.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful thing you've done for yourself as you enter the next exciting decade. My personal experience, every decade has been better than the last! Love your before and after pictures, very very inspiring.
    Celebrate in a big way, this is going to be such a great year!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!! I remember when I turned 40, I was completely bummed. But I got over it quick. I'm a few years more than that now and I have to say, my 40's are turning out to be the best. A whole new woman. You are well on your way there too.
    Go get that fill! lol. Sounds like you might need one. :)
    Love the story about Mr W. Isn't it strange how sometimes the biggest person in our life turns out to be the one standing in front of us the whole time?

  6. Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!!! I wish I was 40 again, I will be 55 this August.

    What a great surprise you gave your DH!! Even if the music isn't your cup of tea, he will always remember that you did this for him!!