Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beach & Moon

My husband had a Swiss roommate who once asked him, "so what's this beach and the moon?", because he had heard the phrase "bitch and moan" quite a bit. I bring that up because I'd like to address the beaching & mooning I've been doing about... yes... again... my holiday weight gain! I know I've been complaining alot about it, but this morning I have a different perspective on the issue. Let me ask a question. Have you ever been on a plateau even when your calories were REALLY restricted? Anyone? One trick I've learned over multiple weight loss attempts is that by increasing my calorie intake by even two or three hundred calories for a few days, my body gets out of starvation mode, and I start to lose weight much faster. Well, that's what is happening with my holiday weight gain, and my weight is dropping quickly now that I've returned to my protein and water. I should have remembered that instead of stressing and beaching and mooning about my stupid half pound. I'm done.

This isn't really a b&m, but I've made an observation. I work with a bunch of nurses (because I am one), and we're a very straight forward bunch. So, my coworkers are not afraid to comment on personal issues, especially if they appear to be of a medical nature, like WEIGHT LOSS. But, I think this might happen for many people. Here it is: people are asking when I'm going to stop losing weight because I look good, and I shouldn't get too skinny. PEOPLE, I'M STILL 35 LBS AWAY FROM BEING ON THE HIGH END OF A NORMAL WEIGHT FOR MY HEIGHT. No one questions already skinny people on why they are thin. But previously obese people? We don't get that luxury. I can deal with this. Honestly, I can. It's just something I've noticed.

I'm blogging everyday. That's not something I would normally do. I overcame my internal barrier and opened myself up. Even if I'm the only one who ever reads this,I still made myself vulnerable. Again, this is probably not a big deal for some people, but it is for me. Woot.

Yesterday I finished off with a little over 1200 calories, and 65 grams of protein. Today I've got 56 grams of protein planned for during the day, so that should set me up to get in more protein than yesterday. Oh, and yesterday... I ate the damn popcorn!


  1. My coworker had gastric bypass and went from about 225 to 105 and people are telling her all the time to not lose anymore, etc. She hates it and says the exact same thing but also points out how the average person wouldnt tell a fat person "oooh don't gain anymore". I was sitting here trying to figure out why people say this when you (or anyone who loses a lot of weight but still is above "bmi normal) to stop losing. I think it is bc they have our fat selves as a frame of reference. So whereas they wouldnt tell a size 14 person who had always been a size 14 not to lose weight, they tell us bc they get confused :) hahah!

  2. Hi there,
    Found your blog through Tiffani's. Just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you've done - your before and after pics tell the whole story.. and you look fantastic!!

    I hear you about the hair loss. I'm going through the same deal - and it's painful. I usually love my hair (haha - sounds vain..) but now, well, its just not doing what I want with it. Where's the baby hairs?? lol.

    Looking forward to more posts,
    Cara :)