Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night

Here I am. At home. On a Saturday night. Somehow my sisters three kids ended up here. I can't really complain, it's been a nice lazy day, which is how I like my Saturdays. Mr. W made me a deal that if I went out shopping, he'd clean the house. I took the deal. My size 16 jeans were starting to look like gang-banger jeans, so I finally went and bought size 14. My daughter and I hit up Kohl's, Old Navy, and Target. I'm happy to think that next Saturday, one week from RIGHT now, I will be at my party! We've got two guest bedrooms, so I need to make sure all the sheets are clean, and all the bathrooms scrubbed to my specifications. It will be a little details week. One thing my Fibro has taught me is to pace myself, actually it's forced me into it. I know this party is my husbands project, but I still feel a certain responsibility. I've been really good about letting him do this himself, though. Cake is ordered, caterer is picked, and I believe party supplies have been purchased. Oh, and the stripper has been reserved. !!!

As far as band news goes, my 3.75 cc's is about perfect. I've always had restriction, but never have I not been hungry, at all. I can only eat about three bites at a time, and have to remind myself to eat. Nice! I've read all your blogs about not being hungry, but I guess I didn't get it, until now. Maybe this is the elusive sweet spot? I hope this lasts for awhile. This last 45 lbs is going to be the most difficult for me. Now, I really need help from my band. I think it just might do the job. Maybe I'll be in the 180's by my birthday party? I've been so hopeful, and I don't want to jinx myself. But, seriously ALREADY.

I'm in a little bit of a funk today. I really wanted to post my "Fatism & Me: An Intraspective", but I'm going to need to word that very carefully, so I'll wait. Basically, I've been thinking alot about my own thoughts and feelings about overweight people. I've been the object of some serious fatism, but I also think I share some stereotypical thinking about fat people. I haven't really been able to reprocess some of that thinking, so it's probably going to be offensive. I hope not, and I am always open to other points of view. I love other ideas, because it helps my own to be more balanced. Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt it. If I'm not up to my eyeballs in sheets and laundry. But, right now I'm going to go and find a good movie to rent with Mr. W. I love Saturday nights.


  1. Happy Sat. Night! :)
    I look forward to reading the post you are working on.

  2. Saturday nights are the bomb! Have fun!!

    It sure sounds like you are in that sweet spot. Not being hungry, only wanting little amounts of food - having to remind yourself to eat. All great signs!!! I have 24 pounds left to go - and yeah, its slowed down..but we will get there in the end..right? :)

  3. Saturday Nights are my favorite too.. I really look forward to the post you are working on.. I will keep my eye out for it.. In the meantime, good luck with those last 40. nice to be at that point ..

  4. Trading housework for shopping? No Brainer! Congrats on those 14s!

  5. Just wanted to say I loved your Fatism post and agree 100% with what you say. I think we are all the same. I probably treat people who are fat different. I know when have to sit beside a fat person on a plane or at the theatre I am not happy. We need to give our heads a shake.