Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burned on my brain...

I can't get my "before" picture out of my head. The only reason I knew it existed is because my husband was downloading one day, and asked me if I wanted that one deleted? Luckily, my vanity did not prevail over my sanity, and I told him to save it. I wasn't embarrassed by the picture, but really intrigued by it. Was that REALLY me? My daughter looked at the pic last night and said she doesn't even remember that I looked like that (she put it delicately). So, last night, I had to, HAD TO try on the pants that I had on in that before pic. They happen to be the only "fat" pants I saved. They are a size 28. I posted the pictures of me trying on my old pants, they are at the bottom. In the new pics, I'm in a pink shirt (just in case you can't tell the "before" from "2/3 of the way there"...).

Moving on, can I just say that I wish I had time to respond to everyones blogs? There are so many, many thought provoking comments. Little Miss Sunkist asked the question "how is the band different than a diet?", and I've been thinking lots about that. Here's what I've boiled my thoughts down to. It's not different. It's a performance enhancing tool. Just like an athlete who takes performance enhancing drugs... they still are an athlete. I am a dieter. And, as the holidays plainly showed me, I am going to need to watch what and how I eat, even with my tool, if I wish to not weigh 300 pounds. That's the honest truth.

Spontaneous report: My son is going to take off on Jan 16th to teach me to ski. He was that excited... he is planning on taking off an entire day just for me, to give me private lessons. This weight loss is not only improving me, but improving so many relationships. I am going to ski with my son! Enjoy with him his passion! That is a real NSV!!!

Food report: I ended up with 1200 calories, and over 80 grams protein. Today, I'm eating a sausage & cheese bagel, rasp/choc delight yogurt, pepper jack cheese, Lean Cuisine roasted garlic & chicken, and if I get to it (which I didn't yesterday) the popcorn. That would be another 700 calories, but only 45 grams of protein. I have therapy tonight (I WILL be sharing more about that at some point), so I end up doing well on Tuesday evenings because there simply isn't time to be naughty.

Thanks for the comments, on my blog and on YOURS. You ALL are so wonderful. I'm so lucky!

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  1. SOOOO excited for you to try skiing! You are going to be a pro with all that one on one instruction! Awesome!

    And the pics are just unbelievable. Wow. Good thing you saved those pants after all. You look like you should be on the cover of People Magazine!