Monday, January 11, 2010


PLEASE. Does anyone speak German, or know alot about Schubert? I have a mix CD I've been listening to tons, and I can't get this one song out of my head. I wake up thinking about it, I can't stop thinking about it. I really needed to read what the words meant, and when I looked up the translation to Standchen (as this song is labeled on my CD), it's definitely not what the song I've been listening to is. I've now listened to many other versions of Standchen, and the song on my CD is different. But, I still NEED to know what the words are saying! The song I've been listening to is THE most passionate rendition of Standchen I've ever heard, to the point where I don't think it's even the same song, and that's saying alot for Standchen. These are not the same two songs. They're not. I can try to burn a copy, or something, if someone is willing to tell me what this song is. On my CD it's labeled as Standchen with Fritz Wunderlich, tenor and Rolf Reinhardt, piano. THANK YOU.


  1. My son is learning German as we speak. He's pretty good at it too. Let me see if I can get anything out of him for you. :) Will let you know.

  2. Hi Lara,
    Well, my son had a listen and said it was about friendships etc.. then he did a search and found this... He found the song on youtube with text and translations there on the right. I hope this is the right song lol Let me know x

  3. I love when music moves you in a way that it hard to explain. There is this one 20-30 second clip of music from a movie soundtrack (the movie was Smoke Signals, not well known) but when I hear it I feel raw emotions...maybe I'm just crazy!
    Hope you figure it out!!!!

  4. there is a clip of it on the cd at amazon

    it is song #22 and the clip ends right where the part I love is...
    I have a major connection to the movie and I am sure that explains part of it.. But there is something about it that I am just drawn to...