Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday damage and NSV (for balance)

Weighed in this morning. Up half a pound, the scale says 195 lbs. That was pretty much what I had tallied in my head, but I was still hoping. This is my first weight gain since being banded. I'm trying to keep this in perspective, and not beat myself up, or feel like I lost it. I know it was the holidays, and food is just a part of that, and not worry about a little gain. It was ironic because some of my indulgences really weren't that fun. I allowed myself some wiggle room (obviously!), but I guess what concerns me is why I would continue even when it wasn't all that enjoyable. I'm so glad I found my "before" picture, because it reminds me of when I ate like that all the time. Constantly eating, but hardly ever enjoying. Now, I really enjoy food, most of the time.

Now for the NSV. Over the weekend, my sixteen year old daughter and I went clothes shopping. I'm not going crazy with that yet because I'm still losing, BUT when I'm at goal, I fully plan on making clothes shopping my cross addiction. Anyway, one year ago I would not have dared to hope or dream that I'd be shopping with my daughter- literally in the SAME stores. She goes for the smalls and I head straight for the XL's... but these are in teenager stores! And, I can buy them! Yes, I also plan on mid-life crisising (is that a word, probably not) by trying to dress like a teenager (mom's who wear teens jeans, anyone?)... ok, maybe not dress completely like a teen, but at least have the option if I want to! I think my daughter is stuck between being super proud of me, and terrified I'm going to fit into her clothes. With that thought, I am again focused on getting in my protein and water, and my kitchen is cleaned out of all holiday temptations, and I'm back to where I want to be.

What will I be eating today? Oatmeal, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, turkey pepperoni, sweet & spicy tuna, 100 calorie popcorn. That's 700 calories and 69 grams of protein!! I know we're not supposed to keep track of calories, but it's hard for me not to when I'm already counting protein grams. Dinner is usually about 400 calories worth of whatever I make for the family, and also one mini drumstick cone. Has anyone else tried these? They are the REAL deal, but smaller, and less than 150 calories per cone. So, even if you aren't counting calories, and you want a ice cream treat, this has been the perfect portioned controlled indulgence I've found. Yum.

Spontaneous report: I'm thinking I'm going to let my son teach me to ski. He's an avid skier, works year round at a resort... and I've never even BEEN on skis. He wants us to come stay with him later in the month, and I think he'll be so happy when I finally let him teach me. Wow.


  1. Hey Band Babe, you look awesome! What a great NSV - My DD is 12 but wearing women's clothing already, and I have stolen a few things that were too big for her! I agree, shopping will be (is) my cross-addiction!

    Definitely try skiing. You can totally do it - how lucky you are to have a ski instructor of your own! Where does he work?

    Amazing you have already lost over 100! Wow!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I look forward to reading yours.

  2. Congrats! You look stunning, and I'll bet you feel even better. Shop away and dress daringly - I tried on clothes at The Gap and got a kick out of the faces of the sales clerks when I - 51 years old - trotted back to the dressing room along with 16-17-18 years old to try on jeans, then came out to prance around and prove that the jeans not only fit, but fit quite nicely. I'm also wearing colors I NEVER wore 126 lbs. ago - reds, purples, bright yellows. Thanks for visiting my blog - it's been fun to write but even more fun to follow the blogs of others to see how they're doing and see that we're all on the same boat.

  3. Thanks for following me! I am already loving your blog. You look AMAZING! Also, I noticed those little icecream things at the store and so wanted them. I am going to get them on the next shopping trip!

  4. Hi Band Babe, found you among the many WL blogs, and I am so impressed at your pics--can't wait to share my own awesome looking "after" pics. :)

  5. Well thank you for the shout out and for letting me know you have a blog! It looks like you are doing sooooo good yourself! I look forward to following along now!