Friday, January 1, 2010

**Holiday Eating & the Band**

I'm gonna start at the end here. I enjoy food, and plan to always enjoy food. There is nothing off limits for me. Admittedly, it made me a little nervous to be around so many rich foods as frequently as during the holidays, but I think I made it out ok. Unfortunately, I was PMSing over the Christmas weekend, which makes me
"snacky", and THAT kinda made me nervous. But, that's over, and I feel much saner and in control of my eating. We went to two movies today, I ate some popcorn during the first movie, and was interested in none of it during the second. We also went out for Mexican food, and I had a teensy bit of everything, and I was SATISFIED. This is the way life was meant to be!!!

It will be nice to get back to my regular eating habits, and back to my weight loss. I've been at a steady two pound loss per week. Sometimes it doesn't budge for a couple of weeks, and then WHOOSH, all gone. Plus, I try to be forgiving of hormonal weight. Even skinny girls weigh more during their cycles. So, my AVERAGE loss has been two pounds a week. I think I've at least held steady over Christmas and New Years. I'll find out on Monday.

So, this is what I ate today: protein bar, popcorn WITH butter, a few cheese fries, two bites of a bean burrito, one quarter of a candycane milkshake (I HAD TO DO THAT), some sugar free Halls, and some diet coke (yes, I'm naughty, SURPRISE!), and that's it. That should paint the picture of why I'm actually excited to get back to being good with my protein and water, which I usually follow religously. Except during the HOLIdays... oops...

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