Friday, January 15, 2010

Broken Bones

I don't want any. I leave for my ski weekend right after work this evening, so please think "straight and/or appropriately curved bones, in their correct anatomical position" thoughts, and send the positive energy my way. That would be great. Actually, I am really excited to! Yeah, I'm just saying that, I'm a little leary. But, my son is so excited. I've spent the last couple of nights getting everything ready... lots of shopping. That part I like! I also went tanning last night so that when I fall down, I won't blend in with the white snow, and people will be able to see me and help me up! You know, a year ago this ski trip wouldn't have been a remote possibility. It would have been physically impossible. I'm not in shape by any means, but I can bounce up off the floor now, and move very quickly. I am truly grateful that I can now choose to do anything I want, even if it is to risk life and limb. ;)~

I had a good sort of NSV yesterday. I was at Wal-Mart (damn it to hell) getting some "Mom, I want some stuff, but I don't want to pay for it myself" items for my son. Our Wal-Marts here periodically have people in the parking lot selling homemade tamales. I know, I KNOW this is risky to buy them, but they are a dozen for $10, and always DELICIOUS. So, I always buy them when we're approached. Yeah, so that's what happened last night. I was so excited to get home to eat them. But, then something strange happened. When we got home, I wasn't hungry, so I decided NOT to eat them. Yeah. Really. At times, I believe my mindset is really changing. Back in the day, eating tamales had NOTHING at all to do with hunger. This is little, but in a way, it's also life changing.

I bought food from complete strangers in a dark parking lot. :)

For dinner last night I had some ham and salami (?grams protein, 200 calories), a zone bar (15g, 200 cals), and some potatoe chips (No you didn't. OH YES I DID!). The day rounded out to around 80 grams of protein, for around 1150 calories. Lots of bang for the buck there. I love a good deal. Today, I don't have so much protein on board, but when I'm not PMS'ing I don't need to rely on the protein so much to keep me from being hungry. When I'm feeling the need to snack alot, I try to remember to boost my protein ALOT. It helps my control immensely. At work today, I'm eating creme caramel yogurt (5, 100), oatmeal (4, 100), chocolate coconut zone bar (15, 200- healthy candy!?!), meatloaf & mashed potatoes (11, 200), and MAYBE the popcorn (3, 100- and I didn't get to it yesterday, so we'll see). Only 38 grams of protein, and 700 calories. I just might live on the edge and eat a tamale for dinner, if I have time before we leave. There most likely will NOT be time because Mr. W will be anxious, ready to leave, and driving fast, because we are staying in a hotel tonight! Can that count as exercise?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, and please do send positive energy my way. Tomorrow, late morning, early afternoon. OK? THANKS!!!


  1. I'm going to ski for the first time (and I am 40) in a couple weeks! I am so anxious to hear how it goes!
    Dangit! Now I have a craving for tamales :) I think I will make some homemade chicken & cheese ones this weekend.
    Have a blast!!!!

  2. Oooh Skiing is something I've never done - have the BEST time and be safe - lots of positive 'Don't hurt yourself' vibes coming from Aussieland.
    I don't think I've ever eat a tamale either lol. I really need to start getting out there!! Fantastic NSV on your part. Love it!!